Alternative Energies

Redwood Electric excels in diverse renewable and distributed generation projects, encompassing solar, battery storage, substation, and microgrid initiatives. Our skilled teams seamlessly manage projects of all sizes, from initial planning and design to efficient installation, ensuring timely delivery from field to grid. We provide premier industry components and equipment through exclusive collaborations with top-tier vendors and subcontractors.

Alternative Energies

PV System Design-Build

Comprehensive Project Delivery: Start-to-finish solar projects, integrating relevant engineering for success.

Financial & Energy Modeling: Ensure the ideal system and capacity using advanced financial and energy modeling software.

Comprehensive Support: From engineering plans to ongoing monitoring, we provide end-to-end user support.

Alternative Energies

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Optimize Renewable Investments: Our enhanced energy storage solutions are carefully crafted to optimize returns on your renewable energy investments, providing a strategic edge for sustainable energy management. Energy savings through peak shaving, demand mitigation and energy arbitrage.

Customized Sizing for Your Needs:
Experience the pinnacle of adaptability with our Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), uniquely tailored to match the specific sizing requirements of your project. Whether big or small, we ensure a seamless integration of cutting-edge energy storage technology, maximizing the efficiency of your energy system.

Alternative Energies

Custom Mounting Applications

Solar Carport Innovations: Integrate solar seamlessly into diverse spaces by adding shaded parking while generating energy to offset electric bills.

Rooftop Solar Solutions:
Utilize large commercial rooftops for solar installations, benefiting from ample space, structural support, easy interconnection, and cost-effectiveness.

Ground-Mounted Solar Solutions:
Explore flexible ground-mounted solar options on spacious land, including fixed-tilt and tracking systems for maximum efficiency.