Foster City, CA

VISA Campus

Project overview

The VISA Campus consisted of (2) fully occupied 12-story high rise and (2) 6-story mid-rise buildings. This project was a phased floor by floor “re-stack” over a several year period with three of the four buildings being retrofitted simultaneously.

REG Life Safety Division was able to overcome many challenges with respect to the existing buildings smoke control and mechanical systems.  The most critical scope of work occurred at the very beginning of the project by understanding the mechanical systems; deciding what was going to be upgraded; how those upgrades would function and more importantly, how we were going to integrate them with the Fire/Life Safety System and Smoke Control.  With a team of Systems Technicians, REG began the critical task of mapping the existing systems (i.e. Mechanical, Fire Protection, Building Management, and Security) which allowed us to design a Fire/Life Safety System that incorporated all of these peripheral sub-systems seamlessly.  Through the identification of the mechanical systems functions and capabilities, REG Life Safety Division was able to engineer a solution that kept pace with the aggressive schedule while maintaining a code compliant functional system during construction.  This allowed us to minimize the impact during the final cutover and more importantly, REG Life Safety Division was able to deliver the project on budget and on schedule.

Foster City, CA
Services Provided
Design and Build
1,056,000 Square Feet
General Contractor
DPR Construction
$2.65 Million
Foster City Fire Department