San Francisco, CA

UCSF OPB and Site

Project overview

The UCSF MOB project includes a 42,000 square foot energy center, 212,000 square feet of OSHPD 3 Outpatient Building and a 633,000 square foot, 289-bed, 6 story OSHPD 1 Hospital on a surrounding 14.5 acre site.

Redwood Electric Group scope of work includes the Design Assist for the OSHPD 3 Outpatient Building, Organ transport helipad and the total Site infrastructure, lighting, and temporary power. The design is modeled in 3D using Navis Works collaboratively with MEP subcontractors.

San Francisco, CA
Services Provided
Design and Assist
212,000 Square Feet
General Contractor
DPR Construction
Electrical Contract
$30 Million