Fremont, CA

Seagate MRC2 - Data

Project overview

The Seagate MRC2 projects consists of a 2-story, 412,000 square foot research and development complex.  REG Technology Division installed all the Voice and Data, Fiber Backbone, and three (3) Hot Aisle Containment Data Centers.

Maintaining a tight schedule was one of the biggest challenges of the project including major changes throughout the building without any extention of the schedule.  In addition we had to work in a Protocal Level 4 Clean Room due to the fact that the schedule had this completed months before the rest of the building.  Also, the three Hot Aisle Containment Data Centers were predesigned and all material came as a package.  Due to unforeseen issues in the building, we had to make field adjustments to the design in order to install and make it function as planned.

Fremont, CA
412,000 Square Feet
General Contractor
Rudolph & Sletten
$3.0 Million