San Leandro, CA

Kaiser San Leandro Medical Center

Project overview

The Kaiser Hospital complex in San Leandro, California included a new 264 Bed, 434,000 square foot Hospital, a 30,000 square foot Central Utility Plant and a 276,000 square foot Hospital Support Building.

Working in partnership with Honeywell, REG Life Safety Division took the lead on the project management, system design, programming, and permit process with OSHPD. Designing a Fire/Life Safety System for a complex this size, with three different occupancy types, had unique challenges like incorporating modern technologies and current construction standards while complying with OSHPD requirements.  REG was able to achieve this through identification of client needs, targeting of required technologies, infrastructure, and issue resolution.  Also unique to this project was the pre-setup/bench testing of the (19) networked Fire Alarm Control Panels allowing us to mock-up detectors, pull stations, relays, and audible devices fully networked so the programming could be done ahead of time while the facility was still in the beginning stages of construction.  This enabled REG Life Safety Division to discover any challenges in the engineering and design early which allowed us to complete this project on schedule and on budget.

San Leandro, CA
Services Provided
Design and Build
740,000 Square Feet
General Contractor
Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.
$5.6 Million
OSHPD, Alameda County Fire Department