Clarksburg, CA

Bogle Winery

Project overview

Located in Clarksburg, the project involves site development and construction of a new 30,000 ton per year winery facility.  The buildings for the new winery consist of a 200,000 SF of building for temperature controlled storage of barrels, 25,000 SF of building for temperature controlled storage of cased goods, 25,000 SF of building to house a high speed bottling line and 10,000 SF of building for offices, laboratory, break rooms and restrooms.

The production specific items associated with the facility include 1,800,000 gallons of stainless steel tanks storage, complete process piping and catwalks for must and wine distribution, wine presses, elevated grape receiving area with dump hoppers, grape crusher/de-stemmers, 600 ton water cooled refrigeration plant and 19 million gallon process waste water pond system. Wine process equipment controls will be via an Alan Bradley based system and tank controls via a Tank Net system by Acrolon Technologies.

In addition to the structures and process elements described above, the project includes a 320,000 gallon fire water storage and pump system, new domestic water well, septic system, storm water detention basin, three new 480 V electrical (4,000 Amp 3,000 Amp and 1,000 Amp.) services and complete underground and topside improvements over the 114 acres site. The facility includes a 350 KW roof mounted photovoltaic system with long range expansion capacity to 1 mega watt.

Clarksburg, CA