Health Care PROJECTS

UCSF OPB and Site

The UCSF MOB project includes a 42,000 square foot energy center, 212,000 square feet of OSHPD 3 Outpatient Building and a 633,000 square foot, 289-bed, 6 story OSHPD 1 Hospital on a surrounding 14.5 acre site.

Redwood Electric Group scope of work includes the Design Assist for the OSHPD 3 Outpatient Building, Organ transport helipad and the total Site infrastructure, lighting, and temporary power. The design is modeled in 3D using Navis Works collaboratively with MEP subcontractors.

  • 212,000 Square Feet
  • Design/Assist
  • General: DPR Construction
  • Electrical Contract Exceeds $23.5 Million
  • Contractor: Redwood Electric Group